Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love him or Hate him, Albert Belle is funny

Hoynesie over at the PD posted an interesting article today about a conversation he had with former Indian Albert Belle about steroids and this terrible team.

Albert's time with the Tribe was tenuous; he was moody, unpredictable, aggressive and a damn good hitter. Since the topic of steroids was part of the call Hoynes had the cajones to ask Belle if he ever used banned substances. Hoynes, of course, was risking a serious beat down from a big man, but Belle reaffirmed my love for him when he responded to the accusation that perhaps his outbursts were related to 'roid rage.

Said Belle, "No, I was just an angry black man."

I love it! What a good sense of humor this man has, let's get him in a commentary box. He'll scare the annoying "back, back, back's" right out of Chris Berman.

Other than that Belle had a couple astute comments about former teammate Manny Ramirez and his failed drug test. Albert rhetorically asked what the point of drug testing was if none of the statistics from the guilty player are nullified.

It's a good question, one that I would love to see put in front of commissioner Bud Selig.

On the subject of Manny, he reminded us that he is such a good player that he could do without the steroids and still hit the ball a mile. It reminds of his early days with the Tribe, in which he hit just as well as he did in Boston or L.A. without the extra bulk.

Well, enjoy the All Star Game friends, I am.

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