Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedge Watch 2009 Update

According to our good friend Paul Hoynes at the PD there will be "no rash decisions" on Eric Wedge's job.

Basically, everything I wrote earlier about the team waiting to make a decision is still true.

In this article he chronicles a conversation with team president Paul Dolan about the manager and his tenuous status at the helm of the club. He also goes in to a bit of detail about the Shapiro-Wedge relationship, going so far as to say that their relationship has become so tight that it may not be a question of one without the other. Again, see my first post for my feelings about this issue.

It is clear, however, from the quotes in the article that the Dolan's are upset and expected their team to win some ballgames and bring in more fans.

If I were to guess (which I will) I would have to say that an All-Star Break managerial move would not surprise me. Otherwise, we're waiting until the offseason.

Stay tuned Tribe fans.

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