Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work as hard as you can

Didn't get to watch the game tonight, I'm still a bit upset about that, but here's a sample of news on the Tribe from around the net.

Wedgie isn't sweating, or so he says. His cool demeanor will go with him all the way to the unemployment line...but probably not until the off-season, at least in my opinion.

Carmona got a start at Class A Lake County tonight, more on that later.

Confirmed that 'Drubs is coming back on Friday. Good news for the line-up, bad news for Jamey Carrol who will get dumped from the top spot. However, Carroll is such a pro that he'll keep producing no matter where he hits.

A couple young guys are going to be in the Futures Game. Nick Weglarz and Carlos Santana will be representing the Indians on the World team for the minor league showcase. I hope to be in attendance for the game, I'll certainly have a post about it at some point.

I'll get some more opinion out later, until then enjoy the game.

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